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Business License

The State of Tennessee Business Act requires anyone interested in opening a business in Lexington to first complete an application for a business license at the City Recorder’s Office and pay an initial fee of Fifteen Dollars ($15.00).  Apply for a Business Tax License.  The business must also have a Henderson County Business License which is purchased in the County Clerk’s Office (731) 968-2856 in the Courthouse.  The State of Tennessee Department of Revenue requires each business to file an annual business gross receipts tax report and pay the necessary tax to the State.  The Department of Revenue requires that this be done online (exemptions may be issued, contact the State for more information).  Failure to pay the amount due will result in late fees and penalties and can result in a collection order by the Tennessee Department of Revenue.  Once the gross receipt tax is paid to the State, the City is notified and will mail the business a new license for the current year.  Additional information may be obtained from the Tennessee Department of Revenue or by calling 1 (800) 342-1003.

Beer Permits

With proper permitting, the City of Lexington allows for the sale of beer for on and/or off premises consumption.  To obtain a Beer Permit, a business must complete the appropriate application from the City Recorder’s office or download it from the Beer Sales Permit Application link.  The completed application must be presented in person at the City Recorder’s office and a non-refundable application fee of $250.00 paid.  Details of the regulations pertaining to beer sales can be found by clicking on the Beer Sales Regulations link.  An Annual Privilege Tax of $100 is also imposed on Beer Permit holders and is due as of January 1 of each year.    

Retail Liquor Sales (Certificate of Compliance)

With proper permitting, The City of Lexington allows for the retail sale of liquor for off premises consumption.  To obtain a Certificate of Compliance, a business must file the appropriate application, pay fee and complete process as detailed in the Lexington Municipal Code.  For more information on this process, contact City Recorder’s office.  Revenue derived from the tax on liquor sales is dedicated to capital projects.



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