Mission Statement

The mission of the Lexington Fire Department is to serve the citizens and businesses of the City of Lexington by protecting life, property and the environment from the hazards and dangers of fires and natural or manmade disasters through prevention, education, pre-planning and timely incident response.

Facts About Our Department

The Lexington Fire Department is a combination career and volunteer department responsible for providing fire protection to approximately 7,500 people residing in the city limits. The department operates from three stations with thirteen full-time firefighters, about thirty volunteer firefighters, three engines, one ladder truck, one service truck, and a hazardous materials emergency response unit. In addition to fire suppression and hazmat responses, the department provides fire safety inspections and public fire education.

The department is divided into a headquarters section and two stations. The headquarters section is made up of a chief and an assistant chief. The station staff consists of a full-time shift captain, a lieutenant and two firefighters. The captain/shift commander is in charge of the activities of all stations during his/her shift. The shift commander reports to the two chief officers. The stations are manned by the remaining officers and firefighters maintaining minimum staffing of three on duty at all times with at least one officer.

Schedule a Fire Safety Class

Our department is always ready to assist our citizens whenever we can especially in the area of fire safety. If you would like to set up a tour of one of our stations or request a fire safety class for your organization or civic group, please Email the Public Education Coordinator Mark Zurofsky or call (731) 968-8219.

Doug Acred, Fire Chief
88 First Street
(731) 968-8219

Email: doug.acred@lexingtontn.gov


We have resources available to the community and are always looking for volunteers.

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