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Automated Garbage Collection Truck

The City of Lexington began Automated Garbage Collection in 2015.  This system uses specialized vehicles and garbage carts.  The collection vehicle is equipped with a robotic arm lift system that reaches out from the truck, grasps the cart, and lifts it to empty the contents into the truck.  The arm then returns the cart to the curb, and the truck moves on to the next house to repeat the process.  This is all accomplished in about 15 seconds by one operator who stays in the cab of the truck.  This system is safer, neater, and more cost efficient.  The carts are user friendly; roll easily to the curb; have tight fitting lids; present neat appearance to neighborhood; and, they are provided by the City at NO CHARGE to the homeowner.



The City of Lexington maintains a Class III/IV Landfill located at 109 McKnight Drive.  This landfill is permitted by the State for disposal of demolition and construction wastes, waste trees, farming wastes, landscaping and land clearing wastes and certain special wastes having similar characteristics.  As part of the monthly Garbage Fee, disposal of acceptable debris is allowed to City residential customers.  Commercial and Business users are charged $22.50 per ton calculated by tenths.

For inquiries about Solid Waste Collection and Disposal call (731) 968-6657.

We should all do our part to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.  Every time one aluminum can is recycled, enough energy is saved to power a TV for about three hours.  Let’s make a difference each day by recycling and educating our children, by example, to recycle. -Lexington Public Works

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