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Gas Division

Lexington Gas Division currently serves 9185 customers and maintains 413 miles of plastic lines and 81 miles of steel lines for a total of 494 miles of mainline.  We serve Henderson, portions of Chester, Decatur, Hardin and Madison counties.  We are a member of Tennessee Energy Acquisition Corporation (TEAC) through which we purchase our natural gas.  Transportation for our natural gas is provided by Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C. to our City Gate located in Milledgeville, TN.

We strive in maintaining both our main and service lines to insure safe operation of natural gas to all our customers.  However leaks may occur and require repair.  It is extremely important that if anyone smells natural gas which has the odor likened unto a rotten egg please call our office immediately.  We have dispatchers available to receive your call 24/7, 365 days a year at (731) 968-2917.  Please be prepared to give information in addition to be given instruction by the dispatcher to allow them to provide a quick response and determine how you are to respond following the call. 

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